Latest Winners
  • Name Game Amount
    K.O Panda Party $ 2688.87
    N.T Vintage Vegas $ 1112.62
    C.I The Lion Trap $ 2563.11
    A.C Joker Poker $ 995.17
  • Name Game Amount
    F.A Panda Party $ 415.52
    A.C Vintage Vegas $ 1294.14
    T.G The Lion Trap $ 1698.45
    E.D Joker Poker $ 420.59
  • Name Game Amount
    Y.P Panda Party $ 471.75
    H.L Vintage Vegas $ 769.54
    E.J The Lion Trap $ 2486.96
    W.C Joker Poker $ 1762.21
  • Name Game Amount
    Y.R Panda Party $ 768.22
    F.D Vintage Vegas $ 812.11
    O.R The Lion Trap $ 635.41
    Q.P Joker Poker $ 712.18
  • Name Game Amount
    R.F Panda Party $ 492.72
    W.L Vintage Vegas $ 129.84
    Q.L The Lion Trap $ 352.94
    F.I Joker Poker $ 581.36
Champs Elysees

Join the cool cats gaming table on this slot! The slot features 5 reels, and 50 paylines with feline symbols that will lead to a Super Round. Catsino slot is superbly designed with a blast of pink everywhere you look. This cat-themed slot is puurfect and will definitely brighten your day.

Jackpot Five Times Wins

Jackpot 5X Wins progressive is a 3 payline, 3 reel slot with a retro feel and fantastic chances to win! As a progressive, its jackpot constantly grows! The icons include classics like the 7’s, BARs, cherries, and two new symbols have been added: the Jackpot 5X Wins is wild with a 5X multiplier and the 5X icons payout great wins.

Five Times Wins

This is the non-progressive version of the slot Jackpot 5 Times Wins. It has the same features such as 3 reels, 3 paylines and similar symbols. Players will enjoy this standard fruit machine with simple graphics and the Wild Symbol, the 5X is by far the most lucrative in the game.


Save the frog! Help him cross the extremely busy highway back to his pond, avoiding major obstacles like trucks, cars, bulldozers and racing cars. The frog is the wild icon, and when it expands it will give a 2X multiplier. Sticky wilds are the flies, and once they land on the reels, then free spins are retriggered.

Diamond Cherries

This simple slot is a throwback to the one armed bandits and has 3 reels and 1 payline. Even the icons are reminiscent of traditional fruit machines: 7s, BARs and Diamonds. A few extra symbols have been added to give it a modern feel though, like the Diamond Cherries and the Diamond Cherries badge which grants multiplier of up to 4X.

Cirque du Slots

An eclectic group of circus performers, from clowns to acrobats make this i-Slot wildly entertaining! This game is divided into three acts, which sees the green acrobat wild expand horizontally in act 1; vertically or horizontally in act 2; both horizontally and vertically in act 3. To become a part of the three acts, three or more unicycles will help get you there. 

Star Jewels

Pistols & Roses is a 3 reel and 1 payline video slot with a Wild West theme backed by music from the 80s. The gritty graphics will keep you entranced from the moment you start playing. Be prepared, because you’ll have to drag yourself away from this amazing slot!

Pistols and Roses

Now this game is for the ultimate rock star! Pistols & Roses is intense enough to bring out the heavy metal, high roller out of you – especially with multiple ways to score big. You’ll definitely become a hardcore fan with symbols like pistols and bullets, and look out for the wild rose and seven icons, which could mean winning that jackpot! What a big hit!

Tycoon Towers

Kurt Prutkung leads the life of a billionaire tycoon in his penthouse, served by his ever-so-faithful butler and sexy maid. His lavish life of leisure could be yours when you play Tycoon Towers video slot, brought to you by Malibu Club Casino. An exciting casino game with 5 reels ranging in symbols from suitcases, to door signs, credit cards or hotel staff. With no scatters, rely on the sticky Sticky Wild Tycoon to get a free spin.

Panda Party

Welcome to the Panda Party! Come and have a bash with them, just like they do with a bit of bamboo groove! Join the panda’s while they play with their ball, magic pot, and those lucky lanterns. The party isn’t over until the ‘Pandamonium’ round, where free spins will alter the colour of the lucky lanterns, causing the panda symbols to change into drop icons. Pop round - that’s an open invitation for one of the best games around!

Aussie Rules

Care for some footy, mate? Gear-up and set off to the stadium of Aussie Rules as you score up to 100 Free Spins. You will hear the sound of the crowd roaring as you win as many as 25,000 coins. A video slot game with a mixture of everything!

Coins Of Olympus

It’s time to meet the Gods of Ancient Greece. Make a good impression and they will grant you a jackpot of 40,000. Don’t worry, thunder and lightning won't strike you down on your long trek into the mountains of Olympus. Collect the boons of the Gods along this 25 Payline slot!

Silver Unicorn

Believe in magic once again as you enter the enchanting fairytale forest. Explore and uncover all the riches of this magical woodland of 20 Paylines. Don’t miss a chance to get a glimpse of the enchanted unicorn and win up to 25 Free Spins along the 3-Reels of Silver Unicorn.

Summer Ease

Get all the fun in the sun with Summer Ease, 20 Paylines slot game. Grab your suntan lotion and soak up all the winning rays of golden goodness that you will spin. Take a sip of ice-cold lemonade and reel in a big catch of wins on this summery day.

Wacky Wedding

Rival Powered puts a humorous spin on one of the most cherished days of a person’s life in this video slot. The Wacky Wedding icon is the expanding wild, and only appears on the third reel. 3 champagne bottles award 10 free spins, 4 gets 20 free spins and 5 gets you a whopping 75 free spins! Trigger that bonus round with 3 or more bouquets, and then test your throwing skills by tossing that bouquet where the pink arrow marks the spot!

World of Oz

Three clicks of the heels… and welcome to the World of Oz . The entire gang’s there, from Dorothy to Toto, the scarecrow, lion and Tin Woodsman. Help in her quest to meet the Wizard of Oz so she can get back home. Tread lightly because the wicked witch’s flying monkeys want to stop both of you in your tracks down the yellow brick road! All the usual characters are included as icons, but you can get extra lucky with the Emerald spins super round and multiplied wins.

Cream of the Crop

For all those out there that love gardening, then Cream of the Crop Video Slot is the game for you. In this garden you have to take care of pumpkins, carrots, onions and peppers, plus a few other veggies. That helpful bunny is the expanding wild, and only shows up on reels 1, 3 and 5. By uncovering 3 treasure chests you’ll activate the bonus game where every vegetable you find gives you a free spin.

Diggin' Deep

Make your way deep down under and mine for that gold in this 5 reel and 20 payline slot. Gear up for free spins when those cogs fall into place; 3 of them gets 5 free spins, 4 gets 10 spins and 5 gets 20 spins. That happy miner is wild and expands on whatever reel he lands; he also does a jive each time you win a prize.

Doo-Wop Daddy-O

Be transported back to the days of rock ‘n roll, records, jukeboxes and roller skates in this 1950s inspired slot. Vroom into winning 200X your bet when that scattered motorcycle shows up anywhere on the reels! When 5 wild dinner icons appear on those selected paylines, a whopping 15,000 jackpot is yours. If 3 frothy milkshakes appear the reels then the Soda Fountain Bonus Game is activated. Here you have to swing into action and make a milkshake from ingredients you’ve chosen for a customer.

Five Reel BINGO

If you thought only grandma and grandpa played bingo you were so wrong! Rival Powered has created this wacky 5 reel and 20 payline slot which will appeal to anyone who gives it a whirl! If five bingo balls spell out BINGO! then the bonus game is activated. The top prize of 2,500 coins is paid out if 5 jackpot symbols, the curly-haired gran with the “I love bingo” t-shirt lands on an active payline.

Zombiezee Money

This cutesy zombie game won’t make your blood run cold in terror, but will give endless thrills and shivers up your spine when you win that jackpot! Zombiezee Money Video Slot is one you’ll want to dig your teeth into, with features like multipliers, bonus games and free spins. Symbols to get are the Zomdoggy, the brain and the vault icons. The Zomdoggy is wild and any winning combination it completes is doubled, while two of them quadruple a win. The Boneyard Bonus is activated by 3 or more brain icons and the vault triggers the Bunker Bonus where more bonuses can be earned.

Ice Picks

Ice Picks Video Slot will suit the adventure side in all of us. Go on a snow adventure to discover the cool treasure hidden in this 20 payline slot. When 3 or more maps appear on the reels, more coins could become yours in the Ice Picks Bonus Round where precious gems have to be released by breaking the ice.

Nuclear Fishing

In this slot you have to beware of all those biohazards & the creepy creatures from the fallout! The icons in this game include the crab, jellyfish, three-eyed puffer fish, rickety seahorse and an octopus. The symbols you’re after is the red depth charge with a radioactive logo, but try to avoid those nuclear bombs though.

Jackpot Five Times Wins

Jackpot 5X Wins progressive is a 3 payline, 3 reel slot with a retro feel and fantastic chances to win! As a progressive, its jackpot constantly grows! The icons include classics like the 7’s, BARs, cherries, and two new symbols have been added: the Jackpot 5X Wins is wild with a 5X multiplier and the 5X icons payout great wins.

Major Moolah

Do you know what it means to play a Progressive Slot? Winning an ever-growing pool of money! Major Moolah is a 3-Reel Progressive Online Slot that will make Players pack their suitcases on the first spin of the game, and start planning a world trip on any luxurious cruise there is.

Money Magic

Floating women, rabbits in black hats and card tricks are on the table in this Progressive Slot of 5 Reels and 9 Paylines. The Progressive Slot Money Magic will bring you more money by spinning the reels than waving a wand. The money will definitely be real!

One Million Reel BC

Go back to the Prehistoric times when Dinosaurs ruled the Earth on the Progressive Slot 1 Million Reel BC. Be ready to spin the reel and to hit the Progressive Jackpot that could be bigger than a T-Rex. We are talking tyrannosaurus’ bite-size winnings here!

Strike Gold

An adventure filled with money! It’s time to get filthy rich with this 3 Reel Progressive Slot, Strike Gold. With the help of the wild symbol and the multiplier, you will be collecting gold on your way to brighten your day and your life. A spin is all you need!

Cirque du Slots

An eclectic group of circus performers, from clowns to acrobats make this i-Slot wildly entertaining! This game is divided into three acts, which sees the green acrobat wild expand horizontally in act 1; vertically or horizontally in act 2; both horizontally and vertically in act 3. To become a part of the three acts, three or more unicycles will help get you there.

As The Reels Turn

Discover who is cheating on this 5-Reel soap opera slot! This entertaining slot game of 15-Paylines takes place in the El Paradiso Hotel and within 7 levels, you will find out the story of love and betrayal. This slot even has 4 separate Scatter Symbols and also a Bonus Symbol.

As The Reels Turn 2

This is the sequel of the slot, As the Reels Turn 1, but with a terrible plot twist that has every Player rolling for the big money. The 15-Liner slot holds lots of scandals and spins with great extras included. More drama on this game will get you big wins.

As The Reels Turn 3

The drama on As the Reels Turn continues as everything goes down with characters as the deadly serious Matt G., gobsmacked Danny, former tennis pro Jamie, sultry Vanessa, troubled bunny-eared Foxy, an apparent piranha-koi crossbreed named Ivan and others. It’s yet another cheesy chapter with good payouts.

A Switch In Time

This game will fulfill all your fantasies about traveling in time. Go sightseeing with a mad scientist in his time capsule to three different eras – the past, present and future. The wild is the hour glass which expands during free spins and substitutes most symbols, while the scientist himself could pay out 1 895 coins...

Baby Boomer

This 5 reel and 15 payline slot is going to sail you into a life of riches when you go on the journey of a lifetime on this luxury cruise. This slot takes place in various sections, from visiting the travel agency, to packing, and from there going on the trip. The bus is the wild, and will double any prize won.

Scary Rich Mobile

This 5 reel and 50 payline i-Slot is one of the Scary Rich popular games’ series created by Rival Powered. There are all kinds of scary monsters lurking around every corner of the reels, but that won’t prevent you from collecting rewards. The werewolf is the wild symbol that multiplies every payout up to 10X, and he is also an expanding wild.

Bowled Over

As the name suggests, this game is a bowl-themed 5 reel, 20 paylines i-Slot with an expanding stack of bowling pins, a bonus round where you get to actually bowl, free spins and a jackpot. Put on your bowling shoes and get into position to roll a strike with a nice mix of groovy music and realistic balls sounds.

Cosmic Quest

Travel through space on this 5 reel and 20 paylines i-Slot casino game. An interactive round will offer a choice of different pilots to select from, and each pilot will lead you to a different destination. The Scatter symbol is the monkey that will grant 10 free spins, and the Wild symbol is the rocket ride. So soar into outer space for some galactic winnings.

Cosmic Quest 2

This is an i-Slot of 5 reels and 20 paylines featuring a nebula background. A science fiction-themed casino game accompanied with cosmic music and action-packed sound effects. The reels are filled with a wild symbol, an expanding wild symbol, free spins and bonus multipliers. There is also an interactive round where an old arcade monkeys will flash the game back to the 1980s.

Gold Rush Mobile

Play this 3 reel slot anytime and anywhere. This gold-mining themed classic slot will have you digging out impressive winnings. The scatter symbol is the gold nugget and it will double winnings instantly, and the coin symbol will grant a big prize. There is real gold rush happening on the reels, without even needing to sift any sand.

Fixer Upper

Renovations have always been costly, but this 20 payline i-Slot offers a crazy payout with 3 bonus rounds. There is a DIY Round where there are various duties, like plumbing, painting, or gopher extermination that you must complete for the future home-owners. Playing more and winning additional coins will increase the value of the house. The lady painter is an expanding wild.

Heavy Weights Gold

Enter the ring of this 20 payline i-Slot, and punch your way out to enter the free spins round where 100 free spins are awarded. The Knockout Bonus is triggered when 3 or more consecutive opponents appear on the reels. This round is also an interactive round where you’re required to punch and knock opponents out of the ring.

Hole In Won

This 5 reel, 15 payline i-Slot has a golfing theme with cheerful background music. The symbols illustrate this golf slot very well. The eagle is the wild symbol and an expanding wild. The birdie is the scatter symbol, and 3 or more birdie symbols will trigger the Mini Golf Bonus Round where a nine-hole golf course must be played.

Japan O Rama

Get the chopsticks ready for winning on this 5 reel and 20 payline i-Slot. This game is a mix of Hello Kitty and Godzilla; a contemporary spin into a Japanese style slot. Godzilla is the expanding wild, 5 Geishas will grant 20 free spins and the Katana sword will trigger the jackpot round. Discover the Japanese pop culture with this i-Slot.

Midway Madness

This is a carnival-themed i-Slot featuring 5 reels and 20 paylines. The blue-haired clown is the wild symbol and the bonus symbol is the girl in a bumper car which triggers a bumper cars bonus round. 25 free spins with a 3X multiplier is awarded when 5 admission tickets land on the reels. A crackling jackpot can be won with the 5 little boy symbol.

psychedelic Sixties

This i-Slot of 5 reels and 20 paylines will take you back to the hippie generation in the 1960s. There are psychedelic pastels colors that form the background to the flowers that pop-up around the symbols on the reels. The heart is the wild symbol, and the motorcycle and bus symbol are both scatters.

reel Crime

This is a 15 payline and 5 reel crime fighting i-Slot. It is a well-planned heist action casino game with plenty of loot to snatch-up. Lookout for the cop, the dynamite, and the getaway symbols. Dynamite symbols will grant free spins. The Bonus Round activates when 3 Tommy guns land on the reels. There are 4 bonus rounds on this one-arm bandit game.

reelCrime 2

This is a robbery-themed i-Slot of 15 paylines that resembles Reel Crime I Bank Heist, but with a different kind of robbery, and offering more great payouts. The Reel Crime 2 Art Heist symbols are rare historic paintings that are well-known worldwide. The forger is the wild symbol and the masterpiece is the scatter symbol. Keep an eye out for the one and only Mona Lisa.

rock On

This electrifying rock-themed i-Slot has 5 reels, 20 paylines and rock and roll music! The musicians gracing the reels are Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, Paul Stanley and other rock legends. The animation is sizzling as the reels are literally set on fire when they spin. The green bass guitar is an expanding wild. This is one highly animated slot!

sherwood Forest Fortunes

Join Robin Hood for the biggest hunt ever on this 20 payline and 5 reel i-Slot. This is a classic tribute to the forest friend ‘thief’ who will steal from the rich and the poor, only to give it all to the players. There are 3 storylines to watch when each bonus round is completed. Lady Marion is rather generous, and will grant extra spins.

The Back Nine

This i-slot of 5 reels and 15 paylines has a fantastic golf theme. There is a cool jackpot, wild symbol, scatter symbol and a bonus game. Take a stroll into the nines as the sun shines on the course. The golfer is the scatter symbol and will take you to the bonus rounds where you can collect more cash.

wild Safari

Grab the map, head to the hottest hunting spot, and set your sights on the rich taste of some real meaty winnings. This i-Slot has 25 paylines and 5 reels of rapid-firing action on which to get the wildest wins. The Jeep is the expanding wild, and by using the seaplane you can stalk the prey. Gear up and start the trip!

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